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All of these comments are taken directly from our guest book.  Please
ask to review them when you are aboard!


"We had a wonderful time! Great food, great friends, great time!
You guys are awesome!!  Hope to meet up again soon.  Thanks for everything."

-Seth and Kara Reisler, Doug and Jenn Lubowitz
-Contact them at cbhess@yahoo.com


"Best sunset in Key West- dessert to die for. It was a great relaxing
atmosphere to have a nice dinner."

-Stephanie Sartori, Keli Freeman and Kathy Beltzer
-Contact them at sdsartori@gmail.com


"Fantastic, the food and atmosphere was amazing, an experience we
will never forget.  Great time and place to share a 25th anniversary.
Best steak ever, no kidding!"

-John and Martha Reisenauer


"The Captain and Tess are fantastic personalities. Dinner and the view are great
but the two hosts made the trip extra special. Thanks guys!"

-Karie and Frank Dombrowski
-Contact them at attykarie@aol.com


"This dinner cruise was a fantastic way to end our last little
get away before the baby comes!! Thanks for a great evening out in
Key West!  We will be back."

-Anne and Cory Sheehy
-Contact them at Anne@yargus.com


"We had a great time! Captain Alex and his crew did a great job
and made sure we were always comfortable! Great food too!"

-Craig and Melissa Edwards
-Contact them at craig51383@yahoo.com


"Highlight of our honeymoon. Food and atmosphere was excellent, Great
steak!! This is a do-over for our anniversary, thanks for the memories"

-Jill and Ken Bench

"Where do I begin- great fellowship, great food, great views.
We made new friends with Tess and Captain Alex."

-Wells, Barrie Mason Donlap
-Contact them at barbie601@gmail.com


"We loved this!  Alex and Tess are fantastic!  They are hospitable and accommodating
and Alex is a great cook!!   Everything was super!  Wish I had more time in
Key West so that we could go snorkeling with them.  Thank you."

-David Schnepple and Jessica Guneson
-Contact them at Mytye96@hotmail.com

"Wonderful!  Good food, good service, friendly!  Our 20th wedding anniversary
and we truly enjoyed the whole evening"

- Bob and Kim Grzegorek

"One of the nicest dining experiences I have ever had."
-Kim and Sherrie Fleischer

"Thank you for a perfect night. Thank you."

-Soren and Katja Soegaard
-Contact them at soren-soegaard@hotmail.com

"Food and ambience perfect. What a great way to end our vacation"
-Shain and Dave Staehlin


"Thanks for a memorable evening! We loved spending our anniversary with you.
We hope to see you again and frequently."

-Tammy and Dan Milner
-Contact them at modwinsmom@hotmail.com


"Incredible, we enjoyed every second, thanks for making everything so special."
-Oliver and Carla Vincenzo

"Absolutely wonderful! We could not have asked for a better time
or food! We have made friends for life"

-Anthony and Tarra Wurst
-Contact them at kelley2136@knology.net


"Loved it!!  Had a wonderful tme.  Food was excellent. 
Would recommend to others."

-Lisa and Shaun Johnson

"Love the trip, love the food, would definitely, absolutely, positively
do it again! Top of our anniversary trip"

-Robert and Kim Lyons


"You made us feel very welcome and special. We saw the most magnificent sunset.
The food was awesome! Kudos to the chef and his mate. We tell everyone we know that this
is something they need to experience while visiting the Keys."

-Kirk and Judy Luzader

"The perfect dinner venue for enjoying a wonderful anniversary. Thanks much"
-Silvia and Frank Otero

"Wonderful trip, delicious meal with nice host and hostess."

-Lori and Dwayne Preast
-Contact them at dpreast@aol.com


"Truly the intimate, romantic experience we were looking for on our honeymoon"
-Annie and Greg Perkins


"Your tour was awesome! The food was great. Tess was the best hostess.
Alex Thanks for a great ride. We will definitely do this again!"

-Mark and Lisa Windle
-Contact them at lisa.windle@applieddatatech.com


"Best of both worlds, Food as impeccable as A&B, service as high
as Pisces and ambience that exceeds all expectations! Bravo!"

-Len and Dani, Ocean Key resort, Key West

"We loved the dinner cruise. Food was wonderfully delicious. Alex (Capt) what a host
and Tess what a mate. Sweet pleasant people easy conversation. The light shows
were an additional delight. We will recommend to everyone."

-Doug and SueAnn Jacobs
-Contact them at Jacobs@ptd.net


"No complaints. We all had a wonderful time. We havebeen here a month
and this is the best trip so far! We would definitely do this again."

-Derek and Delana Keene
-Contact them at lainey1031@yahoo.com

"The best, most romantic fabulous gourmet meal we've ever had! The highlight of our trip!"
-Charlie and Rita McKelvie

"We’ve been coming to Key West for 13 years and this is the best thing we’ve ever done!!
This was our 2nd trip with Cap. Alex and it was fabulous. He is a gourmet cook and consummate
host. We’ll do this every year! Thanks for wonderful time?"

-Joseph and Dawn Mayes
-Contact them at dmmayes@gmail.com

"This was the amazing part of our honeymoon! We feel like we are
part of the family. Thank you for making our honeymoon so special!"

-Kim and Mark Witscher

"Awesome experience! Great personality, intimacy and dining! You guys Rock!!
An amazing evening- loved everything about it. XXOO"

-Ed and Justin


"We loved Key west.  Of course our favorite part was the day we spent with you guys. 
Conor is still talking about it to everyone. "

-Tara, Conor and Colin Miller

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